StorageJimmy | StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock

StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Locks
are devices that help secure
storage units and garage doors.

If your storage unit or garage door
has a sliding hasp similar to this

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your items could be at risk for theft.

This is a problem for the storage and garage door industry because these types of door hasps can be compromised. You spend extra money for a strong lock but due to this problem it makes your expensive lock completely useless.

A StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock can help solve this problem. Our design requires multiple cuts before the hasp can be compromised and the lock removed.

Unfortunately for the storage industry and garage door customer, thousands of these door hasps are installed nationwide.

The StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock is made of a high tensile strength material which requires an extra amount of time, labor and noise to compromise.

Since multiple attempts are required it will take the potential thief longer to compromise the hasp. More time means a better chance of being caught and possibly prosecuted. For the potential thief it would be much quicker and easier to go to a unit that is not protected.

The StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock
DOES NOT prevent theft, nothing does, because if a thief wants to get in your unit they will find a way.

A StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock slows the potential thief down by requiring more time, causes a lot of noise during cutting and is labor intensive. If the potential thief is concerned about getting caught they might go to an easier unit to compromise.

If the storage area has a good security video monitoring system and the equipment is actively used, this can also deter a potential thief from breaking into a unit protected by a StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock because of the chance of being caught, arrested and prosecuted.

Do everything you can to protect your storage unit or garage door.

For more information about the StorageJimmy Theft Deterrent Over Lock, please Contact Us.

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